Every year we make a family Valentine mailbox.  This year, we decided to get fancy and decorate it instead of a plain old box.  What we do is in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day is make little things for everyone in the family and stick them in there, then on the holiday, we unseal the box and someone plays “cupid” and passes everyone their treats and treasures…a fun family tradition!

Here’s what you’ll need to make yours:

  • A cereal box (the bigger the better, a shoe box would work nicely too)
  • Tape
  • Paint, markers, crayons, etc.
  • Glitter, stickers, scrap paper, or other embellishments

First cut a rectangle in the front of your box where the mail will go in,

Now seal the top shut with some tape…so there is no peeking!

You can now paint and/or color you box any way you like.  We painted some paper and wrapped ours like a present.  That fun swirly and splattery effect you see below was from our Salty Watercolor project:

Click here to make your own salty paintings!

Then using leftover pink envelopes, we cut some festive hearts,

Painted up the sides,

Next we added stickers and such…we went through our sticker collection and searched for all of the pink stickers we could find, here are some cute pink piggies:

Then some glue blobs to cover with glitter…for the lettering we had some foam letter stickers on hand, but you could also write it on the box, or cut some letters out of construction paper:

All finished!  Here are some ideas of what to now fill your box with:

  • Handmade valentine cards and messages
  • Stickers
  • Small books
  • Art supplies!
  • Playdough

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