I love making these! They make fun little coloring projects and are lovely decorations for parties.

All you need are paper and scissors. Here’s how to make them…

Take a strip of paper (any size you like, just make sure it is long and narrow) and fold it into the shape of an accordion. The number of folds will be the number of people in your chain.

Draw a person on the top of your folded paper…here’s the trick to make them stay connected…make the arms go off the edges of the paper, so when you open it up, they will be “holding hands”

Carefully cut out your person shape, again leaving the edge of the arm intact where they will connect (younger kids will need help with the cutting part)…

Now open up your people! Aren’t they sweet? Experiment with different people shapes and different kinds of paper too for different effects.

You can leave your paper chain people plain, or decorate them like this one (so cute!)

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4 thoughts on “Paper People Chains

  1. Thanks for reminding me of these, I loved making them as a kid 🙂 I plan to make them with my girls this weekend!

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