Beaded Flower

Let’s make a super cute beaded flower!  They require minimal supplies too. Use them for all kinds of things, here are just a few ways you can use them:

  • Hang some in a window,
  • Make into an ornament for the holidays,
  • Add to the top of a gift for a cute handmade touch,
  • String a bunch together to make a garland,
  • Add one to a headband or barrette
  • And lots more!

Follow along to the full video tutorial too to see it step by step:

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 long pipe cleaners (12 inches or more, if you only have the shorter ones, that’s ok! You can either twist two together to make a longer one, or just use smaller ones for a smaller flower)
  • Large beads (be sure the pipe cleaners will be able to fit though them)  I used mostly plastic pony beads, wood beads, and other larger beads from my stash.
Beaded Flower

Here’s how to make it!

  • Begin by twisting two pipe cleaners in the center to form an x shape.
  • Add the third pipe cleaner and then twist into the center as well.
  • Add beads to the first strand, leaving about a half inch to an inch un-beaded.
  • Bend strand downward toward the center of the flower and twist it with the strand next to it to secure–first petal done!
  •  Repeat to create all 6 petals of the flower.
  • Shape up as needed and use your beaded flower however you like-see the list above for some fun ideas!
Beaded Flower

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