This project is so much fun and is perfect for that special handmade gift.  Using simple materials, you can make a bunch of it ahead for future gifts too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tempera Paints
  • A potato
  • Paper – we used brown kraft paper

Start by cutting the potato in half then cutting a shape from it (grown up helper needed).  We chose a square, but any shape is lovely…just make sure the shape is cut deeply enough so that the shape will stamp cleanly and clearly.

Now, spread out your paper to get ready to print…

Our paper had been in a roll, so it was a bit curly, some heavy drinking glasses did the trick.

Now you’re ready to print!  You can either dip the potato stamp into the paint or brush it on like we did here:

Start stamping away!  After every second or third stamp, you’ll probably have to dip or brush on more paint.

Stamp as much as you like…

We used our gift wrap to wrap this treasure box…

Click here to make your own treasure box!

And here is our beautiful gift all wrapped up!  I tied some twine around it, I thought it looked nice against the paper.

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