If your child is feeling apprehensive about school or day care, this photo decorating project might help to provide some comfort in those first few days and weeks.

The Remember Me photo project allows your child to tuck a special picture they decorated all by themselves into their backpack…it is a fun project and just might give them a little boost of confidence while away from home.  Laminating their creation ensures that their special photo will stay looking nice too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A special family photo of your child’s choice
  • Construction paper or any other colorful paper scraps 
  • Stickers, glitter and any other (flat) decorative pretties
  • 1 sheet self-adhesive lamination pouch  (available in any office supply aisle)

Sandwich everything together.  We “mounted” the photo on the construction paper for some extra color. Decorate the edges using crayons, glitter, stickers or anything else you can imagine.  

Following the directions on the laminating pouch, place your creation inside and seal up!  Trim off excess edges.  We added some sparkly foam stickers on the front too after we were all done (we made one with an actual photo inside too 🙂

Lovely!  Now tuck it inside their backpack or lunch and off they go!

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