Let’s Try…Dragonfruit!

Recently we have made it our mission to find something at the grocery store or the farmer’s market that one or more of us in our family have never tried.  This week this gorgeous dragonfruit immediately caught our attention.  The outside is a fabulously vivid pink and bright green, but when you cut it, you’re in for a fun surprise too!

When you come across these beauties, look for one that is bright pink in color.  They can also be a deep golden color as well.  Find one that does not have blotchy skin (overripe) or has a “beat up” or bruised appearance.  If your dragonfruit underripe, you can leave it on the counter until ripe.  Refrigerate up to 5 days.

Not you’re ready to cut and serve!  First cut in half…look how pretty:

Next, grab a spoon and scoop out the inside flesh, leaving the skin behind.  Cut into chunks and enjoy!

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