Winter Princess Countdown Calendar!

I love countdown calendars…a super fun way to build excitement for an occasion or trip.  Here is one that is super easy to make featuring favorite characters too!  Best of all the frame can be used after your trip for a lovely photo frame for a special picture.

Using dolls or stuffed characters you already have, all you have to do is make the frame component…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stuffed friends or dolls
  • Hot glue
  • Inexpensive unfinished wood frame
  • Craft paint
  • 1 piece of scrapbook paper
  • Buttons, beads, or gems
  • Dry erase marker

  1. Take apart the frame and paint it with craft paint.  I chose lavender for the “winter princess” theme.  Allow to completely dry.
  2. Cut the scrap paper to fit inside the frame.  Assemble the frame.
  3. Glue gems, buttons, beads, etc as desired.  We chose “icy” clear gems.
  4. Allow to dry and you’re finished!

When everything is completely cool and dry, you can use the dry erase marker directly on the glass to count down the days.  Use a tissue to wipe clean.  After the big day, use the frame to display a keepsake photo memory!

Happy crafting!

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