Let’s make some music! Some DIY music that is!  Start your own family band with a variety of homemade instruments–drums, harmonicas, kazoos, tambourines and lots more!  Each uses simple materials and things found around the house…many items are recycled too!  Happy music making!

Note: Click on the link below each picture to go directly to the DIY project!

Washi Tape Rainstick from In The Playroom

Guitar Can from Hello Kids

Homemade Castanets from Education.com

Percussion Stick Musical Instrument from Nurture Store

Popscicle Stick Harmonica from Housing A Forest

Make Your Own Kazoo from Crafty Homeschool Mom

Paper Plate Tambourine from First Palette

DIY Drums from April Golightly

Water Xylophone from Teach Beside Me

Straw Pan Flute from A Dab Of Glue Will Do

African Thumb Piano from Green Kid Crafts

DIY Hand Drum from Hands On As We Grow

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