Do your kids love to color?  We seem to have piles and piles of masterpieces stashed everywhere in our house.  We can only hang so many of them up!  The other day I was thinking about this and how sad it was to just stash them away somewhere where they would be forgotten.  Here’s a fun solution…I love activities that are two in one, the creation of the puppets and then the best part, the puppet show!!

This is so super simple!  All you will need are a few coloring book pages with characters on them, some craft sticks, and some masking tape…

Start by cutting out each character…kids can help with this part if they are able.  

*Tip for Moms: You might want to ask your child first if it is alright to cut their pictures, I asked my kids to pick out pictures that were okay for this project.

Cut a few out, we didn’t do this, but you could also cut out some “props” too, like trees, cars, etc.

Now tape a craft stick to the back of each character.  Tape it as close to the top as you can because coloring book paper tends to be flimsy.  The stick taped up high will give it the support it needs.

Puppets!  Aren’t they cute?  Kids get excited too to see their creations come to life as well.

We took ours a step farther and rolled some balls of play dough to make a base for them to stand on their own.

That way you can play with several at once…

Happy creating!

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