We made a lovely jewelry box the other day from a recycled egg carton…who knew something you normally throw in the recycling bin could be so fabulous!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An egg carton (any size will do)
  • Paint and brush
  • Embellishments (pom poms, foam letters and shapes, sequins, gems, feathers, glitter, scrap paper, or anything else you fancy)
  • White glue

For our embellishments, we chose foam sparkly letters, gems, and glitter,

I really love these letters, we use them a lot.

Because it is a jewelry box, we decided on the biggest most beautiful gems we could find.  I think sequins would be pretty too.

Then we chose our paint…definitely want it to be fairly thick to cover the eggy wording on the carton.  We did a few coats and all was well.

After the carton is dry, time to embellish!

Ours says “My Jewels” by you can put a name on it too,

Then we added glitter and gems,

Lots and lots of them…

Egg cartons make perfect storage containers for jewelry, barrettes, legos, doll accessories, and other little things that need a home.

Super cute and fun!

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